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Virtual Presentation: History of Racism in US Agriculture & Organic

Organic organizations have recognized the need for training providing baseline knowledge and common language around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion across the organic community. This presentation was delivered by Beth Schermerhorn and Asha Carter from Cambium Collective with the input of the steering committee and focus groups.

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Virtual Presentation: History of Racism in US Agriculture & Organic: The Last 100 Years

Presented by Farmer and University of Minnesota Graduate Student, Tiffany LaShae, this 60-minute webinar will present the history of racism in US agriculture & organic in the past 100 years, focusing on Federal policies that discriminated against and excluded Black & brown farmers.

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Reports & Fact Sheets

Human Capital Capacity Building Initiative – “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion resources for Organic Professionals” – Full Report (September 2022) 

Factsheet 2: Diversifying Recruitment Strategies at Organic Organizations

Factsheet 1: Why Racial Equity should be Centered in the Organic Movement

Factsheet 3: Considerations for Supporting BIPOC Staff at Organic Organizations

Project Background

The most recent Ag Census data shows that Black, Indigenous, and other people of color are underrepresented in farming, including organic farming.

Additionally, there is a critical lack of racial diversity in the population of organic certifiers, organic inspectors, and in the staff of organic farm organizations providing much of the nation’s organic technical assistance and educational programming.

We recognize that the organic community needs some basic training for certifiers, inspectors, technical assistance providers, farmers, and staff at organic educational organizations. We need training focused on:

  • the legacy and history of race in food & ag systems
  • how institutions and systems produce unjust and inequitable outcomes
  • how to remove barriers within their organic organizations

We also need to support each other in making progress in our efforts to tackle systemic racism in our organizations and in the broader organic community.

This project is supported through funding from the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, National Organic Program. Learn about the other projects funded here.