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Urge Congress to Support Organic Farmers in the Farm Bill

Organic is the fastest growing sector of the U.S. agriculture system, with enormous potential to address climate change, help family farms flourish, revive rural communities and protect public health. But for organic agriculture to meet its potential, policies are needed to improve organic integrity, make USDA programs work for organic farmers, and remove barriers to organic production.  Tell your members of Congress that we need a 2023 Farm Bill that supports organic farmers and grows the organic food system.

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Tell Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack that Organic is Soil-Based

Organic has always been rooted in the soil.  Healthy soil is the foundation of an strong organic agricultural system integral to supporting healthy plants, healthy animals, and healthy people.  Keeping organic rooted in the soil is at risk, and we need your help!   Tell USDA Secretary Vilsack that you support an organic label strongly rooted in healthy soil.

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Support the Agriculture Resilience Act (H.R. 1840/ S. 1016)

Tell your Representative and Senators to support this bill and make farming part of the solution to climate change. Organic farmer Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) and Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) introduced the Agriculture Resilience Act.  The bill sets a goal of reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in U.S. agriculture by the year 2040.  With your support, we can get it included in the Farm Bill.

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Tell Your Members of Congress to Support Organic Farmers

It’s never a bad time to tell your elected officials why they should support policies that organic farmers need. They always need to hear from their constituents what is really happening on the ground, especially on organic farms.

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