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Tell Congress & FSA to Fully Fund Organic Cost Share

On August 10th, USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) announced a reduction in the reimbursement rates for the Organic Certification Cost Share Program from the historic max $750/scope to $500/scope.  There should be plenty of funds available for the program to maintain the same reimbursement levels for 2020 as in the past. We need your help to increase the funding back to $750 for 2021.

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Tell Your Members of Congress to Support Organic Dairies:  Finalize OOL

Remind Congress that USDA is perilously close to missing a deadline set by Congress for finishing a long-overdue rule to increase the standards for how livestock are transitioned into organic (the “Origin of Livestock” (OOL) rule.)

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Tell Your Members of Congress to Support Organic Farmers

It’s never a bad time to tell your elected officials why they should support policies that organic farmers need. They always need to hear from their constituents what is really happening on the ground, especially on organic farms.

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Support the Agriculture Resilience Act

Tell your Representative to support this bill and make farming part of the solution to climate change. In February 2020, Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) introduced the Agriculture Resilience Act.  The bill sets a goal of reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in U.S. agriculture by the year 2040.

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