YES, I want to support a strong voice for organic farmers!

The organic movement would not be possible without organic farmers and they wouldn’t be here without your support.  We are in this together.  Supporting members of Organic Farmers Association support organic farmers’ ability to participate in our Washington, D.C. advocacy days, receive training for in-district visits with their elected officials, act on action alerts, and participate in shaping OFA’s policies that support high organic integrity, viable organic farmers, and an increase in organic farms and acres. 

WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.  When you become a supporter member, you receive monthly updates on organic policy issues and action alerts when we need your support more than ever.  Your membership invites you to our policy issue webinars to keep you up to date on the most pressing issues for organic farmers.  We offer our annual membership as a sliding scale fee structure, so you can join at a rate that works for you. You may join with a one-time fee or via a monthly pledge.


This annual membership option will expire in one year.


Joining via a monthly pledge allows you to budget as well as support OFA continually throughout the year. As a pledge member, your membership is always current. Your pledge will continue each year until you contact us to stop it. This is a great way to keep your voice heard in D.C.! Minimum pledge is $10/month.


Supporter Membership criteria:

  • Supporter membership is open to any individual who is not a U.S. certified organic farmer and any organization that doesn’t meet the criteria for organizational member.  This membership includes non-certified organic farmers, organizations, sustainable farmers, consumers, students, researchers, and any other individual or group interested in supporting a strong voice for organic farmers.
  • Pay Organic Farmers Association membership dues.

Supporter Member benefits: