YES, I want my voice heard!

FOR ORGANIC FARMERS. BY ORGANIC FARMERS.  When you become a farmer member, you receive exclusive voting rights on OFA policy priorities. We offer our annual membership as a sliding scale fee structure, so you can join at a rate that works for you. What is most important to us is that your voice is included in the policy work that we do so that your farm is represented in Washington D.C.

You may join with a one-time fee or select to have your membership renew automatically annually. *Memberships of $500 or more include sponsor benefits

Farm Member Benefits

  • A strong national voice representing organic farmer policy priorities
  • Representation by Organic Farmers Association Lobbyist.
  • Access to timely information critical to the organic farmer’s operation.
  • One Farm, One Vote:  In our membership structure, every certified organic farm, and every certified organic farmer, is created equal. Regardless of the size of an operation, the farmer gets one vote on policy and regulatory issues.
  • Exclusive discounts from OFA Partners
  • Opportunity to share information among farmers from across the nation.
  • Access to OFA policy webinars on key issues

Farm Membership Criteria

A farmer seeking farm membership with the Organic Farmers Association should meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a current U.S. organic crop, wild crop and/or livestock certificate.
  • Endorse the mission, vision, values and guiding principles of Organic Farmers Association.
  • Pay the annual Organic Farmers Association membership dues.

Did you know?
With a monthly recurring membership, your membership will remain active until you contact us to stop it. This helps us reduce our costs and saves you the hassle of renewing your membership. If you would prefer to join with a monthly-recurring payment, please use this form.

You can also download this printable form if you prefer to mail in your membership payment.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Membership and Outreach Coordinator, Amber Lippon at 202-643-5363, Ext. 5 or Amber[at]