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Internship Project Description

Timeline:  Fall Semester;  Spring Semester; Summer

Goal:  Improve outreach to U.S.-certified organic farmers about the Organic Farmers Association and build leadership capacity within this membership to better participate in the national grassroots policy process and increase knowledge of policy issues.


  • Identify states with active organic farmer membership and identify areas of potential membership gains. Support membership growth activities.
  • Focus outreach on the areas where we have high probability of gaining new members by creating tailored communications pieces featuring policy issues, information about local politicians and organic policy, and tailored messaging for the region.
  • Schedule and coordinate 2 policy webinars: one geared towards organizations and one geared to farmers.
  • Write 1-2 articles to be used in future publications or blogs.
  • Coordinate the winter conference farmer outreach, by identifying winter conferences that will provide the most connections with organic farmers and the materials needed to best educate and engage them.
  • Help build out policy campaign education content on our websites.
  • Support monthly e-news communication with our membership.
  • Conduct policy research on key issues or questions that help advance OFA policy priorities.
  • Work on additional outreach to members and potential members such as social media posts, website updates, print mailings and more.

Measure for Success: 

We will measure the number of membership renewals and new members joining over this 16-week period as well as the quality of written content and online use and distribution.

Knowledge & Skills Expected to be Gained:

  • Learn tools for member engagement and outreach focused on the busy organic farmer audience.
  • Analyze farm policy and organic rulemaking and make that information accessible to a wide audience.
  • Gain an understanding of the U.S. agricultural agencies, Congress, and rule-making.
  • Gain an understanding of the diversity of U.S. organic agriculture and the cultural differences among regions of the U.S.

To Apply: 

Send a cover letter and resume to


The mission of the Organic Farmers Association is to provide a strong and unified national voice for domestic certified organic producers. With the purpose to build and support a farmer-led national organic farmer movement and national policy platform by: developing and advocating policies that benefit organic farmers; strengthening and supporting the capacity of organic farmers and farm organizations; and supporting collaboration and leadership among state, regional, and national organic farmer organizations. Learn more at