Transitioning to Save Our Soil this Earth Week

Earth Week can represent a lot of things, but the fundamental message is the same: protect, preserve, and improve the wellbeing of Earth. Organic farmers put these values at the core of their practices, and their work directly and continually improves the Earth and our soil in tangible, visible ways.

That’s why this Earth Week, we need your help to support organic-curious and transitioning farmers—those who will be next in a long line of environmental protectors who will help us save our soil and Earth’s ecosystems.

Organic farmers increase animal habitat and biodiversity, and reduce greenhouse gasses. The result of these positive efforts help protect our soil—a vital living ecosystem that sustains all plants, animals, and humans. However, there is no playbook for how to transition to organic, and without support and trusted resources many farmers can find the process too overwhelming to even begin. 

This Earth Week you can help us reach more farmers who are organic curious and looking to understand the opportunities ahead.

With a donation today you can help us make resources available for transitioning organic farmers to succeed, solve complex problems, and receive assistance along their organic journey. 

Your Earth Week donation will: 

  • $50 – Provide a 1:1 technical assistance call for a farmer considering transitioning to organic
  • $100 – Connect a transitioning farmer to other farmers in an OFA farmer circle
  • $250 – Support a transitioning farmer in preparing and submitting their first Organic System Plan
  • $500 – Connect a transitioning farmer to a workgroup where they can identify challenges and brainstorm solutions in community
  • $1,000 – Provide a trip to D.C. for a transitioning farmer to help legislators understand why they chose organic

Join us and take action for a healthier planet and brighter future. Your contributions will help us increase and improve our farmer services in order to better assist and support those who understand the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability.

The world needs more organic farmers, and your contribution directly impacts the people doing important work to protect the Earth, environment, and the soil we all need in order to thrive.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 during Earth Week to continue supporting farmers who are curious and transitioning to organic.

Thank you for your support!

Questions about this campaign or other ways you can support OFA? Reach out at