Organic Farmers Association co-hosted a National Farmer Meeting in early 2022 with the Organic Trade Association. Farmers were able to participate in the Farm Bill discussion in three ways: attend the National Organic Farmer Meeting, attend a local farm bill listening session hosted by their state or regional organic farm organization (see organizations below), and/or complete our Farm Bill survey (results below).

Farmer 2023 Farm Bill Survey ResultsTake-aways from the National Farmer Meeting, Regional Meetings, & Survey

Organic Farm Organizations That Hosted Organic Farmer Listening Sessions

OFA Partnership on the National Farmer Meeting

Organic Farmers Association was created to lead a strong unified national organic farmer voice.  The Farm Bill is an important legislative milestone every five years to advocate for policies and programs that enhance organic farming and farmers in the United States.  Organic Farmers Association will bring a grassroots effort to the national organic farmer meeting on March 2, 2022, and we invite state and regional groups to engage your organic farmer members in a state-level conversation to identify their farm bill priorities.  Organic farmers and either an organic farmer representative or staff/board from each organic farmer organization that has held a state-level stakeholder meeting will be invited to the March meeting to represent their farmer-members’ priorities.  Together we will identify national organic farmer priorities that represent a wide grassroots representation of what organic farmers need and want in the future of organic.

Questions?  Contact: Kate Mendenhall, Executive Director.