Climate Change: Agriculture is Part of the Problem (And the Solution)

Agriculture can be part of the solution to climate change with the help of organic consumers like you.

Given all of the inputs that go into modern agriculture, it’s unsurprising to learn that agriculture makes a significant contribution to climate change. Agriculture and forestry contributed 9% of the U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2016. Climate change shifts have already produced more extreme droughts, floods, storms, and temperature records. Reducing and stopping climate change is one of the great challenges of today.

Luckily, your food choices as a consumer can help support solutions to climate change!

Regenerative organic farming provides solutions to curbing climate change by the diversity of practices required under the USDA organic program. Organic farmers do not use synthetic fertilizers, instead they rely on compost and/or manure to build healthy soil and improve water retention. The use of synthetic fertilizers in conventional agriculture relies on fossil fuels and releases the pollutant nitrous oxide (N2O) into the atmosphere. Organic farming requires crop rotation, cover crops, soil health, and diversity—these elements foster healthy agroecosystems that are able to sequester more carbon in the ground instead of release it into the atmosphere.  Organic agriculture is part of the solution to climate change. The more demand for organic food, the more farmers will convert U.S. acres to organic production—shifting the way we farm here in the United States. Organic Farmers Association is also advocating for federal policies that encourage our government to create policies that encourage more farmers to transition to regenerative organic agriculture in order to make modern agriculture part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

With your support, we can continue to make small shifts throughout this nation to encourage more organic management, cleaner soil, healthy food production, and a healthier ecosystem.  These are choices that have a real impact on the next generation—and ones that are easy and delicious.  Purchasing certified organic food is part of the solution—thank you!

Organic Farmers Association is the only lobbying organization that provides a voice for certified organic farmers—a group that often doesn’t get enough representation in D.C.—working to ensure that organic standards will still make a difference in mitigating climate change. We need your support so our farmers will have the legislative backing they need to continue producing food as sustainably as possible.

Continue to support organic farmers and the high level of quality that you expect from your organic food by joining OFA as a supporter member today. This Organic Month, supporter members can join for $57 and receive a free OFA water bottle.