Petition to Danone/Horizon to stand with NE organic dairies

Danone (owner of Horizon Organic Milk), the global leader in over 20 brands of fresh dairy products and a $10.3B company, just abruptly ended contracts with 89 Northeast organic dairy farm families.  That includes ALL their dairy farmers in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and almost 50 from New York state.  These farmers have no other market options.  As a certified “B Corp” Danone is required to use its business as a force for good, but this action from Danone is disgraceful and will hurt Northeast farm families and their communities.

Danone/Horizon claims they cannot afford to continue supporting the family-owned organic dairy farms that have helped build the Horizon Organic brand for decades due to logistics and trucking issues. But there are other issues in the organic marketplace that are a part of this story – especially USDA’s failure to update and enforce key organic standards for dairy farms such as the enforcement of the pasture standards and long overdue updates to the Origin of Livestock rule to stop the continuous cycling of animals in and out of organic on large operations.

Sign your name to this petition to demand that Danone/Horizon do the right thing and reinstate these farmers who are producing organic milk the right way. Treat family farmers with RESPECT!


Thank you for your support of organic farmers.  We are stronger together!  Please help spread the word.

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