Policy Platform voting open through July 8, 2018

Each year, Organic Farmers Association solicits input on policy priorities and policy positions from ALL U.S. CERTIFIED ORGANIC FARMERS and organic farm organizations, which we did in December 2017. The OFA Policy Committee reviewed the results, identified the top priorities, and drafted policy statements from this broad-based solicitation to submit to OFA members for comment, which was completed in May 2018.

Now, the certified organic FARM MEMBERS of Organic Farmers Association, will vote on these policy positions.

For a position to become adopted as OFA policy, it must have 60% of the popular national vote and 60% popular support in at least two-thirds of the regions. Adopted policies will become part of the Organic Farmers Association Policy Platform.

BALLOT OPEN: Tuesday, June 5 — Sunday, July 8. 

If you are not yet a certified organic farm member of Organic Farmers Association but want to participate in the vote, join today to receive your ballot.

Only one ballot per farm is accepted to honor our ONE FARM, ONE VOTE policy.

To view policy positions click here.