Show OFA Your Farm Photos!

OFA is looking for photos of real farmer members and farms and supporters to feature in our 2024 Organic Voice Magazine, e-news, and membership and event materials. We know there’s no better way to tell the story of organic than from the perspective of the hands, soil, and souls who do the work.

After March 31, we will choose one photo that stood out from all the submissions for a one-page story in the June edition of the Organic Voice magazine. (Note, if you don’t want to be featured as an OFA story, you can still submit your photos and opt-out of the competition.)

Enter Now!

Here’s how it works: 

What: High quality, clear photos of farms, farmers, farm families, products/crops, and supporter work—anything you think captures what it’s like to be a part of or an organic farmer in the U.S. in 2024. We’re looking for a variety of perspectives and included some tips below for inspiration. (And don’t worry, photos from most smartphones and cameras will be perfect!) 

Who: Farmers, owners, supporters, family or friends of OFA members can all submit photos. We do ask that the photos include or be of OFA members and/or their farms and products.

When: OFA is collecting photos until March 31, 2024.

How: Please upload photos to this OFA form with a few details including the name and location of the farm. Each entry can include up to 5 photos. 

Why: Real photos tell real stories. OFA wants to showcase our members’ journey to and through organic—for better or worse. Growing this movement requires us to share our experiences and engage with one another. This is one small way to do that. 


*By submitting your photos, you agree to allow Organic Farmers Association to use your photos on our website, on social media, in print, and for any other future OFA promotion or marketing. Photo credit will be given to the photographer, farm, city, and state.