How does it work?

Making a donation this September is simple, just connect a debit/credit card to our campaign to round-up your regular purchases to the next dollar and donate your change to OFA.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign Up, Connect a Card & Set a Donation Cap
    After creating an account, link an eligible debit or credit card (under the billing setting) to the Harness campaign platform that you’d like to use for your round-up donations and set your monthly donation cap so you control how much you donate
  2. Make Card Purchases
    Purchases made on that card will round-up to the next dollar as change that is donated to OFA
  3. Change is Donated Monthly
    “Round-up” change from your card purchases is donated on the last day of each month to support OFA’s work for organic farmers

For example, let’s say that after connecting your debit card to OFA’s round-up campaign you go grocery shopping, stop for gas, and pick up a few items from the drug store. If your bills for each stop totaled $128.85, $35.25, and $12.08 respectively, the round-up campaign would receive a donation of $1.82 based on these purchases. Then at the end of the month, all the round-up donations will be withdrawn from your account.

You have complete control over your account and set a monthly limit as to how much you want to donate. Please note, a monthly minimum donation of $9.99 will be charged to your linked account if your monthly round-up change accumulation is less than $10. Monthly donations will continue unless you update your Harness Round-Up campaign settings. And please remember, OFA is a 501c5 organization and your donations are not tax deductible.

Set a Donation Cap

Once you create a Harness platform account and join the Make Change for Organic Farmers campaign, you can edit your round-up settings to set a monthly max cap. Just choose the Round-Up for Organic Harvest Month campaign, set your limit, and save your changes.

But How Much Should You Donate?

Not sure what amount to set your monthly donation cap to? Here are a few guidelines to help you determine the impact you want to make this Organic Harvest Month.

  • $25 covers a basic farmer membership for those who need assistance
  • $50 covers a 1:1 technical assistance call for a farmer considering transitioning to organic
  • $100 covers the full cost of a farmer membership for those who need assistance
  • $250 covers two nights of room and board for farmers participating in our farmer fly-in
  • $500 covers a farmer’s flight to Washington D.C. to educate changemakers about organic farmers’ priorities

Our goal is to raise $5,000 during Organic Harvest Month to continue our mission and work in strengthening organic farmer voices like yours in D.C. during the final few months of this Farm Bill year.

Thank you for your support!

Questions about this campaign or other ways you can support OFA? Reach out at