OFA Starts the New Year Strong!

January 1, 2021

Organic Farmers Association (OFA) and Rodale Institute are proud to announce an exciting new chapter for farmers: OFA has obtained its own IRS 501(c)(5) status to operate as an independent agricultural organization.

This is a significant milestone for both Rodale Institute and OFA, as OFA will become the first, and only, independent national policy organization led by certified organic farmers. OFA will continue to provide a strong voice for domestic certified organic producers in Washington, D.C. and around the country.

Since OFA was founded in 2016, Rodale Institute has acted as the organization’s fiscal sponsor—ensuring OFA has the organizational capacity to allow its organic farmer leadership to focus on impacting policy. Together, we aimed to ensure that farmer priorities were authentically represented among the other organic stakeholders in the Farm Bill, NOSB decisions, and other national arenas. Five years later, OFA is strong enough to stand on its own, having built a solid foundation as a leading voice for organic farmers in D.C. and beyond.

Moving forward, Rodale Institute will continue to support OFA’s efforts in a reduced capacity. While the nature of our partnership is changing, the close relationship between the two organizations will remain, with Rodale Institute maintaining a voting seat on OFA’s Governing Council and continuing to provide 501(c)(3) support when necessary.

Obtaining 501(c)(5) status allows OFA to become its own tax-exempt agricultural organization, enabling us to achieve our primary mission—giving organic farmers independent control of the organization. This status also allows us more freedom in policy advocacy, fundraising, and legitimacy in the agricultural policy space.

With this update, OFA is excited to begin an independent relationship with the Biden administration as well as the new leadership at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Farm Bill discussions will begin this year, and OFA will be there to make sure organic farmer priorities are represented. OFA collaborates with the other national organic organizations and together we intend to see to fruition a final Origin of Livestock rule, re-introduction and implementation of the Organic Livestock & Poultry Practices Rule, and stronger NOP enforcement to ensure the integrity of organic and uniform application of organic standards.

OFA will host virtual lobby days this March, open to all OFA members. The advocacy days allow organic farmers an opportunity to share their priorities with their elected officials. OFA provides training and support for the lobby days and hopes for strong farmer attendance this year due to the virtual nature of the event.

As we close one chapter and start another, OFA and Rodale Institute are proud to move forward together as two organizations committed to supporting organic farmers, the organic movement, and protecting the health of people and the planet.

We thank Rodale Institute for all their support in our founding years and ensuring that the voices of organic farmers are always at the table.

Kate Mendenhall
Executive Director
Organic Farmers Association