For organic farmers, September may just feel like the month that comes after the dog-days of summer. With the little bit of relief the transition to a new season provides before looking toward winter, it’s easy to just keep moving and not acknowledge the successes and hard work that results in this month’s harvest. So, this September we’re going to celebrate organic farmers and the healthy organic food they grow and raise in honor of Organic Harvest Month.

Designated as Organic Harvest Month, September, when harvests are at their peak in many regions of the U.S., is a great time to support the farmers who steward clean air, soil, and water and make a positive impact on our planet for the next generation. To mark the occasion and continue our mission of providing a strong and unified national voice for organic farmers and supporting a farmer-led national organic farmer movement, OFA is launching the Make Change for Organic Farmers campaign. We’ll be sharing a few stories of organic farmers this month, but also launching a fundraising campaign to support our members and work.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to continue our mission and work in strengthening organic farmer voices like yours in D.C. during the final few months of this Farm Bill year.

There’s a strong possibility the Farm Bill draft won’t be released in September and we’ll need to continue our intense advocacy in our key priority areas later into the year. As we work to have organic included in climate and USDA programs, and ensure organic integrity and keep organic fraud at bay, we’ll need to lean into our advocacy and policy work even harder in the upcoming months.



Make Change for Organic Farmers Campaign

This unique campaign uses “set and forget” automated monthly donations to make it even easier to support OFA’s mission. All you need to do to support OFA this month is donate your spare change from your everyday purchases by joining our Make Change for Organic Farmers campaign.

By helping OFA raise $5,000 this September in honor of Organic Harvest Month, you can ensure we can keep working to make organic farmers’ voices heard on our Farm Bill policy priorities.

OFA was created to build the collective power of organic farmers and make the issues organic farmers care about heard by changemakers. This September, with just your spare change, you can help us Make Change for Organic Farmers and make an impact this fall in D.C.

Stay tuned throughout the month for stories and campaign updates from the OFA team. And of course, take a moment to celebrate the hard work of organic farmers in your community and network.