Thank you for voting for your regional representatives to the Governing Council & Policy Committee

Congrats to the newly elected members! Members will serve 2-year terms which will begin at our annual meeting this spring.


The Governing Council includes 19 members. The council includes 2 certified organic farmers and 1 organic farm organization from each of the six regions. In addition, Organic Farmers Association’s fiscal sponsor, Rodale Institute, also has a seat on the council. All Council Members have identical rights and responsibilities, except that only farmer members have the right to vote. The fiscal sponsor, if it has a certified organic farm, also has a vote.

* = Newly elected


Farmers: Voting Members

California Farmer Representatives
Judith Redmond
Full Belly Farm, Guinda, CA

*Steve Beck
Kings River Produce, Inc., Hanford, CA

Midwest Region Farmer Representatives
Dave Bishop
PrairiErth Farm, Atlanta, IL

*Abby Lundrigan
Turner Farm, Cincinnati, OH

North Central Region Farmer Representatives
Mike Kelly
High Meadow Farm, Johnson Creek, WI

*Harriet Behar
Sweet Springs Farm, Spring Valley, WI

Western Region Farmer Representatives
Nathaniel Powell-Palm
Cold Springs Organics, Bozeman, MT

*Marcia Litsinger
Churchill Butte Organics, Silver Springs, NV

Southern Region Farmer Representatives
*Jennifer Taylor
Lola’s Organic Farm, Glenwood, GA

Loretta Adderson
Adderson’s Fresh Produce, Hephzibah, GA

Northeast Region Farmer Representatives
*David Colson
New Leaf Farm, Durham, ME

Maryrose Livingston
Northland Sheep Dairy, Marathon, NY

Advisory : Non-Voting

California Organization Representative
*Phil LaRocca, Chair
California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)

Midwest Region Organization Representative
*Renee Hunt, Program Director
Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA)

North Central Region Organization Representative
David Perkins, President
Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service (MOSES)

Western Region Organization Representative
Becky Weed, Board of Directors
Montana Organic Association (MOA)

Southern Region Organization Representative
*Keith Richards, Program Director
Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SSAWG)

Northeast Region Organization Representative
Ed Maltby, Executive Director
Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance (NODPA)

Sponsor Seat
Maria Pop
Rodale Institute



The Policy Committee includes 18 members. From each of the six regions, the Policy Committee includes 2 certified organic farmers and 1 organic farm organization. All Committee Members have identical rights and responsibilities, except that only farmer members have the right to vote.

* = Newly Elected

Farmers: Voting Members

California Region Farmer Representatives
Kenneth Kimes
Greensward/New Natives, LLC, Aptos, CA

*Mark McAfee
Organic Pastures, Fresno, CA

Midwest Region Farmer Representatives
Michael Adsit
Plymouth Orchards & Cider Mill, Plymouth, MI

*Dave Campbell
Lily Lake Organic Farm, Maple Park, IL

Western Region Farmer Representatives
Nate Lewis
Oyster Bay Farm, Olympia, WA

*Pryor Garnett
Garnetts Red Prairie Farm, Sheridan, OR

Southern Region Farmer Representatives
Laura Freeman
Mt. Folly Farm, Winchester, KY

*Jennifer Taylor
Lola’s Organic Farm, Glenwood, GA

North Central Region Farmer Representatives
DeEtta Bilek
Tom and DeEtta Bilek Farm, Aldrich, MN

*Harriet Behar
Sweet Springs Farm, Gay Mills, WI

Northeast Region Farmer Representatives
Luke Gianforte
Gianforte Farm, Cazenovia, NY

*Dave Chapman
Long Wind Farm, Easy Thetford, VT

Advisory: Non-Voting

California Region Organization Representative
*David Runsten, Policy Director
Community Alliance with Family Farmers, Davis, CA

Midwest Region Organization Representative
*Molly Gleason, Communications Director
Illinois Stewardship Alliance, Springfield, IL

Western Region Organization Representative
Cara Loriz, Executive Director,
Organic Seed Alliance, Missoula, MT

Southern Region Organization Representative
Michael Sligh, Program Director
Rural Advancement Foundation International, Pittsboro, NC

North Central Region Organization Representative
*Roz Lehman, Executive Director
Iowa Organic Association, Des Moines, IA

Northeast Region Organization Representative
*Maddie Kempner, Membership & Advocacy Coordinator
NOFA-VT, Richmond, VT